The Scholastic Assessment Test

The SAT is an important test and an important step in any serious student’s life. Many high school students dread the day they have to take the SAT and therefore end up not preparing to the best of their ability. There are several ways to ensure that you do your absolute best on the SAT.

SAT preparation starts with planning. The first thing to do is find a test date a few months ahead of time and sign up. Once that’s been done, the next step is to plan your course of SAT preparation. The idea is to begin studying for the SAT a few months ahead of time. There are dozens of books available at any book store or library on the SAT. Take the time to read through the books and get familiar with the SAT, the structure, what types of questions and the format of questions. There are three sections that you should focus your study on: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing.

Once you have at least begun to read up on the SAT, another option to get prepared is to take an SAT course. There are courses available online or in person. Taking classes in person is always the first choice because you can ask questions and it’s easier to take in the information when it’s being presented, rather than self taught. However, if your schedule doesn’t permit online SAT preparation courses are great as well. Online courses are almost always self study tests where you teach yourself the given materials. Most SAT courses often include practice tests as well so that you can gauge how well you would do on the test. This is an essential tool to see how ready you are for the test.

One of the best methods for preparing for the SAT is to get an SAT tutor. SAT tutoring is very popular and it’s not hard to find a tutor. SAT tutoring is more expensive to buying a book or taking an online course, but it’s highly beneficial because you get one on one teaching from someone who prepares people for the SAT for a living. A good SAT tutor will be able to recognize what you are good and bad at and focus their tutoring to help you improve on the subjects or sections that you are not as good at. Be sure that when choosing an SAT tutor, you find out how much they charge and ask for references. Always call a few references and ask them how they liked the tutor and if they are happy with the score they got on the SAT.

Between reviewing SAT books, taking a course and SAT tutoring, you can ensure that you get your best score possible.