Are you Giving the SAT this year?

When preparing to take the SAT it’s a good idea to get together a plan of attack several months ahead of time. The SAT consists of several sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. Each of those three sections is worth 200–800 points depending on how well you do. One of the most basic ways of SAT preparation is to take the time to visit your local book store or library and get one of the many available SAT prep books. These books are great to look over regularly in the months, weeks and days before the test.

There are also several SAT preparation courses that you will find all over the internet. Some of them are online, self study tests, but you should also be able to find physical classes local to where you live. These classes consist of study materials as well as practice tests so that you can gauge how well you might do and how hard you have to continue studying. Practice tests can also be a great way to see your improvement if you take them over the course of a few months as you study and become more prepared.

One of the best ways to get prepared for the SAT and ensure you get a good store is to hire an SAT tutor. SAT tutors provide one on one help and can help you with the subjects or sections that you need the most help in. It can also be helpful to have someone other than yourself to rate how you are doing as you get closer to the test date. SAT tutoring is a bit more expensive because you are paying for one on one time with someone who can greatly help you improve your scores. However, when you are hiring an SAT tutor be sure to find a reputable tutor with references.

A great place to start is at your local high school counselor and even local classified ads. One important thing to do is to ask for their rate and for references of students that have already taken the SAT. Be sure to always call references to avoid a bad tutor that will not only waste your money, but they also won’t help you do any better on the SAT. Another thing to check when speaking to an SAT tutor is what their rate includes. Some may or may not include books that you can borrow and practice tests.

All the methods of SAT preparation stated are important but the best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure you start studying and getting ready months ahead of time rather than waiting until the last minute.