How can a student confidently approach the essay writing section in an SAT paper?

There are formats a student can follow in order to produce an essay piece that meets the standards of the answering methodology. Using two of the commonly used formats in essay writing will help students form an outline that is complete and includes only what is relevant. The SAT essay writing questions can be taken from any book, whether it is history, science, real-life experiences, current affairs, and the likes.

There is usually no word limit but a restricted space is provided to fit into it all your information and knowledge about the subject matter. It is enough to compile a five-paragraph essay that tick marks every section worth mentioning and paying attention to.

What are the two essay formats that students can follow for an effective essay piece?

Students can look into the two formats and choose one that they prefer and are comfortable to work with. The first format consists of the following five-paragraph break up:
a) The introduction – Students need to create an interesting topic that grabs the attention of the person correcting his/her paper if a question is not provided; it should be general but must include a thesis statement.
b) Example part 1: Students should describe and cover the first half of the ‘example’ presented.
c) Example part 2: The example should then be finished.
d) Discussion and analysis: Describe in much detail what the example shows, and then draw a conclusion or moral angle to support your thesis.
e) Conclusion in general: To complete the essay, the example should conclude with a general paragraph about the topic chosen and how it has led to this paragraph. The essay should be related to the introduction if possible to give it an overall finished look.

The second format consists of five paragraphs as well:
a) The introduction: Explaining the issue in your own words while again including a thesis statement that reveals your point of view and opinion.
b) Point 1 in thesis support: Using a particular example, make a point and elaborately explain it though keeping it concise nonetheless.
c) Point 2 in thesis support: Break away from paragraph 2 and continue to elaborate on the point that is previously explained in paragraph 2.
d) Qualification: Offer a kind of diplomatic argument where you can refer to the opposite of your views as possibly being correct, or further explain why your views are comparatively correct.
e) Reinforcing thesis: Explain why your views are still strong in the run despite mentioning that the opposite could hold relevance as part of the previous paragraph.

What are SAT essay prompts?
An essay prompt is where a question is posed after a paragraph extract from a subject’s matter. The assignment portion, or the part that the examiner puts forward, is where the style of answering is elaborated on, and what parts to concentrate on as part of the essay writing process. Sometimes excerpts are given from a book or situation that one must evaluate, understand, and elaborate on as part of the essay prompt in an SAT paper.