Methods of SAT Preparation

There are many different methods of SAT preparation. You can enroll in offline SAT prep classes at local colleges or tutoring centers. You can buy SAT preparation software online, and you can even enroll in SAT tutoring online.

There are a lot of online providers of SAT preparation courses. The most well-known are Princeton Review, College Board, and Kaplan.

Princeton Review offers several different methods of SAT preparation, from online courses to offline tutors. Their prices range from $599.00 for a shorter test that focuses on the essential test elements to $1999.00 for their SAT Honors program, which is only open to students who’ve scored 1800 or above on a practice test or real SAT. They also offer a much less expensive option for students who want to control the pace themselves; this program starts at $169.00 and is an online self-guided option.

Kaplan or Kaptest offers free online practice tests as well as SAT prep courses that start at $299.00. They also have personalized SAT tutoring available online (private and small group tutoring); this option starts at $1499.00 and can go as high as $4799.00. Their complete SAT prep package starts at $599.00 and their College Prep Advantage program (which provides preparation for both the ACT and the SAT) costs $999.00.

Another supplier of SAT preparation materials is College Board. They are the official creator and administrator of the SAT tests. They offer free practice tests, free practice questions, an official SAT study guide with DVD (costs $31.99), and an official SAT online course that includes 10 online tests, 18 interactive lessons, and personalized essay scoring (costs $69.95).

There are also several smaller and less well-known SAT preparation providers that provide both free and paid (hourly, sliding scale, or flat fee) services. Ignition Test Prep offers SAT preparation on an hourly basis ($25.00 per hour). Their programs include one-on-one academic instruction, personalized lesson plans, academic mentorship, and progress reports on a regular basis. Major Tests provides free online SAT preparation with numerous practice tests in math, writing, critical reading, and vocabulary. SAT Exam Prep also provides free online SAT test preparation in critical reading, writing, and mathematics. I Need A Pencil provides 60 engaging lessons in math, reading, and writing, over 800 challenging practice exam questions, and even a score predictor that can give you a realistic idea of how you will score on the real exam. Number 2 offers free SAT, ACT, and GRE prep; their offerings include user-friendly tutorials, dynamic practice sessions that adapt to the students’ ability level, and a vocabulary builder. Academic Earth provides video lessons to help you after you’ve taken the practice tests and graded them. Revolution Prep offers one-on-one private tutoring in your home or online (this package starts at $1099.00), summer courses that are led by a current Ivy League student (these are in person and start at $599.00), or an on-campus group course that also includes free online add-ons (this course is sold for a flat fee of $599.00).