Planning a preparation schedule for your SAT exam

The SAT exam is a student aptitude test that has become a standard entry test for college admission in the United States and also many other universities in the world. Thousands of students sit for the SAT exam every year. So if you want to increase the odds of getting admitted to your first choice university; you must ensure that you get a high score on the exam. The best way to achieve higher scores on the SAT is by practicing as much as you can.

Before you sit down for SAT preparation, you must prepare a schedule to ensure that you cover everything. It is important to develop a routine that you should follow daily. Find out at what time of the day your brain is most efficient at studying. Some students opt for SAT tutoring early morning, when there is peace and tranquil all around and half the world is still in bed. Others prefer the late night hours as they believe they can study with least disturbance during this time. You should pick whichever time suits you best and stick with it.

Another important thing to remember during SAT preparation is to remember that cramming is never good. You do not have to go on reading another passage if your brain has been exhausted. Take breaks when you feel that your productivity is diminishing. Just because you have to take a SAT paper next month, doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to have any fun. You can take a break to watch an episode of your favorite show or play a game on your PS3 with your sibling. Do not try to mess with your sleeping cycle, take rest when you need it. Just because your friend burns midnight oil for SAT preparation, does not mean you should do too. Do whatever you think is best for you.

It is very imperative to remain motivated while preparing for an important exam like SAT. You can develop a reward structure for your preparation. After a good session, treat yourself to your favorite ice cream or milk shake. Do something that will take your mind off the test for a while, so you can resume your preparation with a rejuvenated energy.

Coming to the actual preparation, there are some pointers to keep in mind for good practice. Taking a practice exam and getting passing score is not enough, you must analyze the test result critically. Circle the problems that confuse you or stump you completely. Sometimes the student gets a question right on pure guesswork and forgets that that it needs review for actual understanding of the problem statement and its solution. Some particularly challenging problems need to be reviewed even if you got them right on your first attempt. Think about how the same problem can be made more challenging and whether you will be able to solve it then. Then review the necessary material to make sure that you are an expert on that particular problem.