Resources for SAT exam preparation

The SAT exam is a very important exam for students aspiring to get admission into an undergraduate degree program in the universities in the United States. The pressure of giving the test can be too much for some students. They are looking for a SAT tutor who can answer all their questions about the very important exam and guide them how to prepare themselves for the test. Online forums and websites are very good for reading the experience of other people, but there is no substitute for personal interaction. If you an older sibling or cousin who has given the SAT then your problem is half solved. Even if you do not have a relative who attended college, then you can try looking for someone in your neighborhood or school to guide you.

However, finding a mentor is only half the job done. Your mentor can share his or her experience with you, but at the end of the day, it is you who has to prepare for the SAT exam and then take it. There are many tools you can use to prepare for the exam; including your notes and text books from high school. Besides your notes, you can also pick up a SAT study guide widely available at book stores and on the internet.

There are many guide books that give a step-by-step approach to taking a SAT exam. A quick review of your notes and a few practice tests are not enough to guarantee you good marks on the SAT. You need to carefully analyze your weaker areas and make efforts to improve. You should also pay attention to strong points and make sure that you have enough practice in such types of problems as well.

During SAT preparation many students find flash cards very helpful for recalling information. You can use flash cards while preparing for the vocabulary section or even for learning the basic mathematic equations. Ready to use SAT flash cards are available at many stores, but you can easily make your own batch for less than $5. Buying blank flash cards to make your own set is not only cheaper but is also more effective.

To gain confidence, it is recommended that you try some SAT practice tests before you sit for the actual exam. You should read all sections of the test first to familiarize your self with the type of problems that will be set. Also make sure that you understand the directions to follow during the exam clearly. The real SAT is a timed exam, but you should not worry about time when you take a practice exam for the first time. Complete the whole test and then grade it to find your areas of strength and weakness. Once you get the picture, you can start planning on how to improve in the areas where you were found lacking. Some problems may just require more practice, while others may force you to revisit the basic concepts of the topic from your old school notes.