SAT Preparation Courses

You can choose from a lot of different ways to prepare for the SAT. From online tutoring (free or paid) to small or large group classes (and everything in between) you have a wide array of options when preparing for this important test.

Power Score Test Preparation offers both online and offline SAT courses as well as various forms of tutoring. Their full length offline SAT courses include 40 hours of class time (24 lecture hours and 4 practice tests); this option is $595.00. Their online live interactive SAT courses include 18 hours of instruction for $495.00. Weekend SAT courses include 12 hours of intense instruction over one weekend; both the online and offline versions cost $350.00. They also offer in-person tutoring, tutoring over the phone, or live online tutoring as well as admissions counseling. A five hour live or online tutoring package is $650.00; thirty-five hour packages are $4400.00. Open-ended live or online tutoring (no package commitment) is $150.00 per hour. Telephone tutoring is $400.00 for a five hour package or $800.00 for a ten hour package; open-ended telephone tutoring is $100.00 per hour.

Insta Edu offers SAT tutoring using tutors from top universities such as Stanford and Princeton. Their tutoring is offered online only in a virtual classroom that includes video chat, document sharing and whiteboards. Every package that Insta Edu provides includes real practice tests which are graded, analyzed, and returned to students so they know where they are improving and what skills they need to still concentrate on mastering. Their ‘Brush Up’ course includes 6 hours of one-on-one instruction and one practice test; this package costs $350.00. Their second package is a complete review of the SAT and includes 12 hours of one-on-one instruction and two practice tests; this package is their most popular option and costs $600.00. The last package is known as the Deep Dive and is designed to help students make large improvements in their SAT scores. It includes 24 hours of one-on-one instruction and four practice tests. Deep Dive is $960.00.

You can also find private in-home tutoring in your local area simply by searching using the keywords “SAT preparation.” When I did this and clicked on a result for Wyzant, I came up with a list of ten local tutors; all are offering tutoring in one or more of the key SAT areas. Prices for these tutors ranged anywhere from $25.00 per hour to $40.00 per hour. There are also instructional videos on Vimeo and YouTube that teach you some tips and tricks, particularly in the math area of the SAT.

Most areas of the country will also offer tutoring for the SAT at libraries, schools, and through private local companies (an example of a private company I found while searching is Kehoe Tutoring in Wheaton, Illinois). If you don’t want to wade through a huge amount of results that are out of your geographical location, you can always use the keywords ‘SAT education Bend Oregon’ which should bring up results that are mostly in your area (the Bend, Oregon part is just an example, use wherever you live for the best results).