What are the two parts of the SATs available for students?

There are two kinds of SATs, one is known as the SAT Reasoning Test, and the other is known as the SAT Subject Test. These tests are taken when students are in grades 11th and 12th, and are usually conducted in the months of January, March, May, June, October, November, and December. Registration is first completed prior to taking the SATs where some universities/institutions require the completion of only one of the two tests or some in cases, both. Students need to prepare themselves at least 3 months before the test date where web sites online are teeming with preparation timetables that students can heavily rely on for guidance.

What are the parts of the SAT Reasoning Test?

It consists of three primary sections, Math, Reading, and Writing. It takes a total of three hours and forty-five minutes to complete this exam. It comes with 10 sections compiled within three divisions, where the 10th part consists of equating-type questions. They’re multiple-choice questions with each part scored at a maximum of 800 points out of an overall score of 2400.

What are the parts of the SAT Subject Test?

The SAT Subject test contains five parts to its structure – English (Literature), History and Social Studies (US History and World History), Mathematics (Math Level 1 and Math Level 2), Science (Biology E/M, Chemistry, and Physics), Languages (Spanish with Listening, French, French with Listening, Latin, Chinese with Listening, Spanish, Japanese with Listening, Modern Hebrew, German with Listening, Korean with Listening, German, and Italian). Depending on where the student seeks admission, the college/university will have its own requirements as to whether an SAT can be taken individually or combined with the SAT Reasoning Test.

Is there an online SAT preparation plan for students?

Web sites that solely cater to college students’ SAT queries have preparation modules that can help students ace and ultimately pass the test. Others that provide SAT questions and aid that aren’t under a particular college board, will also provide assistance in quelling a student’s worries before the SAT day arrives. These preparatory plans are free for downloading and can be totally relied on using the tips, suggestions, and timetables to complete studying all parts of the SAT. For students who do not have instant internet access, can buy books based on the SATs with sample questions, answers, and a step-by-step program on how to tackle each division of the test.

What is ACT?

ACT or American College Testing Assessment, is an expected examination that certain colleges require for entry into a college/university. Depending again on which university/college it is and their individual requirements, the ACT exam results is needed. It varies in its sections as compared to the SAT format, but is more or less along the same lines and testing skill levels. There is no such thing as one being better than the other, it solely depends on the requirement of the college/university that a student is seeking admission in.